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ToppInv Ltd. Is hiring an international online digital manager (BA) with minimum 2 years practical experience within international marketing.

If you have an international marketing degree with specialization in sports marketing or similar? You are properly definitely the new E- Marketing manager we are looking for:

  • Your job would be head of international marketing and sales.
  • You will be responsible for building up a new strong and effective worldwide Marketing/Sales organization (From scratch).
  • Digital communication/marketing are your keywords.


ToppInv Ltd. Offers you:

  • Many possibilities to try out your own ideas on how an international effective marketing/sales organization shall be structured/running.
  • A fair basic monthly salary + percentages of the gross turnover in bonus/ commission, payout each quarter, + share options.
  • Free to live and work from where you prefer. Work from home.
  • A seat in the board of directors, meaning be where the decisions for the further takes.
  • A positive work environment.

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